With our current way of life we all use electricity. Whether for work, for cooking or for leisure, this energy source is essential to us.
Today, we use it without realizing. If we were deprived of the next day, she would miss us quickly.

This energy arrives in our homes, offices, and other infrastructure through the installation of electrical wires that are often concealed in walls, walls and floors to let appear that sockets, switches, lamps and other tables or protection cabinets.

These achievements must be of quality and carried out by professionals because the bad or old facilities are often causing fire or electrical accidents. It is for these reasons that your installation must be checked, controlled or improved periodically.

Your safety, EFG partner you helps out, realize your wiring, the control and improves it in local new and/or renovations on Orleans, its suburbs and the whole of the central region.

Ampoules économiques

Most of the economic lamps on the market are not equivalent in terms of price and light output.
Know that these bulbs have many shades and are recognizable by their color code?
Cheapest often offer a light cold and pale, not making the colors to their fair values. Some of them may even, at the end of the day, give you headache.

Prefer the lamps that get 95 percent of their maximum brightness at startup, they are stamped fast ignition, quick start or fast-start

Do you also know that there is a color close to that of the day? and that this color is just called "Light of day"

A good number of advantage is related to this color:
As its name and all the shades, the one that is closest to the natural light of day.
It respects colours.
It is also and especially the shade used by light therapy, she team almost all lamps! and only power is different.
This beneficial tint to effects on health (moral, well being, quality of sleep, etc...)

By replacing your current conventional lamps (which anyway disappear gradually) with economic bulbs will save you 5 times more electricity!

Note however that, according to some studies, it is not recommended to install these bulbs in the bedside lights due to the electromagnetic radiation they produce.

Les Leds

Les leds sont encore plus économiques: 10x plus qu'une lampe standard

Les Leds sont devenu des produits courant et nous pouvons maintenant en apprécier les bénéfices en termes de coût et de modèles.
Attention à la température des couleurs et la puissance des leds qui ne se valent pas toutes.
2500°/3000° Kelvin: Blanc Chaud, légèrement jaune
4000°K: Blanc Neutre
4500°K et plus: Blanc Froid

VDI networks

Les réseaux VDI (textuellement Voie Données Images) sont les nouvelles tendance de la maison connectée.

Ces réseaux permettent l'acheminement des données téléphone/ADSL/Réseau informatique/vidéo au sein de la maison par un minimum de câblage, voir un seul et unique câble.

Cela permet d'aller vers la maison ''communicante'' en passant par plusieurs solutions encadrées par une réglementation de la norme.

Pour toute information, demande de renseignements ou de devis, vous pouvez nous contacter maintenant
par fax au 09 58 05 72 14 ou via notre formulaire de contact.